Hi there! I’m Nigel – just a regular guy (you can find out more about me at my personal blog: NigelChua.com) who is a God-loving family guy, serial entrepreneur and hand therapist.

WisdomOfProverbs.com was started for my pursuit and interest of God’s word, particularly the entire book of Proverbs in the bible. In fact, when I was 38, I started to recall and remember that I’ve always enjoyed reading the book of Proverbs of the bible, even since I was a young boy.

We would all be in church and sit on those old-school wooden benches (was it called pews?) and as I don’t sometimes understand what the preacher was saying, either it was in Mandarin or he/she was using examples that I cannot relate to, and I would instead take the bible out and turn to the book of proverbs.

The book of proverbs has always been easy to read and easy to understand, though it can be hard to do at times as they can be profound – but they always speak sense and wisdom into my mind, soul, spirit and heart.

WisdomOfProverbs.com is specifically dedicated to the Lord and my enjoyment, delight and love of His words, especially herein the Book of Proverbs – I hope you enjoy it as much as I do, and more importantly, seek and find salvation in Jesus – seek Him out, and do not fret, for He loves you and receives everyone who seeks after him, including you.

You can contact me or say hi here too – look forward to connecting with you!